Här hittar du artiklar, tips och livsstilsknep om hur örter kan hjälpa dig att leva livet fullt ut.

9th mars 2015

Diego Barraza's quest to find connection

Diego Barraza wanted to tell a story about the ancient Yoga and its new resurgence as part of a shape shifting global narrative. “Part & Parcel, a Yoga Documentary Satsang” is a feature length film that takes us on a multilayer journey.

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2nd mars 2015

Switch off the lights and sleep with Pukka

As the climax to our Sleep campaign, Pukka is supporting WWF’s Earth Hour 2015 initiative. Last year the global lights out for our planet campaign involved a record 162 countries across the world with over 9 million people in the UK taking part.

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2nd februari 2015

Sleep with Pukka

This month we look at sleep and ways in which incredible organic herbs can help get a good night’s rest.

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27th januari 2015

Sleeping Tips

There are lots of simple things you can include in your day to help you sleep better. We've listed our simple hints in this article to help you have a restful night's sleep.

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16th januari 2015

The Art of Cleansing the Pukka Way

In an excerpt from his book A Pukka Life, our master herbsmith Sebastian Pole gives an overview of cleansing and the toxins we should try and avoid in our daily lives.

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